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As many of you may have heard on March 20, 2020, Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York announced that he is ordering all non-essential businesses to reduce their in-person workforce by 100%. In other words, we have been ordered not to have any employees physically present in our offices. We are making every effort to allow our employees to work from home in this extraordinary emergency situation. However, we expect that we may encounter some technical issues during this transition and ask for your patience.

In light of the closing of our physical office, it might be easier for you to reach us via email and suggest that you attempt to contact us by email if you can. We understand that not everyone has an email account and rest assured we will continue to answer our phones. We may have some technical problems at first but we will be working hard to keep things running as smooth as possible. Currently, the Social Security Administration is not offering any in person services to the public because of the emergency. This includes live hearings. Where possible, the administration is offering telephone hearings instead of live hearings. While telephone hearings are not ideal, we do believe that they are the best solution in the current environment to make sure that your case is heard as soon as is reasonably possible. As a result, we are recommending that you consent to such a hearing at this time.

We will continue to make sure we properly develop your case and we are hopeful that this crisis will pass quickly and that the effects of this emergency will have only a minimal impact on you, our staff and all of our communities.

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Who Is Eligible?

Generally you're going to be eligible for SS Disability,
if you've worked most of your life and have paid your FICA tax.

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We have handled Social Security Disability cases for over 40 years representing hundreds of thousands of disabled Americans. It has been our honor to do so.

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We'll Deal With the Government, You Have Enough to Worry About.

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The Social Security Disability Advocates

Americans like to work. We like to earn our own way. And most of us do exactly that for most of our lives. But some of us aren't that lucky. Some of us get hurt or get sick and simply can't go on working as before. That's why there is a Disability section of the Social Security law. And that is why your FICA taxes pay for both Social Security Retirement and for Social Security Disability.

Social Security really is an "Entitlement." Some politicians have tried to put a negative spin on that word. But consider this: The word "Entitlement" means something to which you are entitled. It's something you've paid for—FICA taxes come out of your paycheck to pay for this social insurance. It's like a title for your car or for your home or any other insurance policy. It's the same thing with your Social Security benefits. You have paid for them. And if you become disabled, these benefits are available to you if you apply. Or even better—let us apply for benefits for you. You explain to us why you are unable to work, tell us what your doctors think and let us do our job.

If you're disabled and can't work, call us at

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Why Hire Binder & Binder®?
There are lots of reasons. Charles Binder puts it this way:

We have been winning Social Security Disability cases all over America since 1975 - so we are well aware that you really do "have enough to worry about." Our job is to make life a little easier for you; we know many of our clients are living "on the edge," because they've been waiting for their Social Security benefits for a long time. Unlike many of our competitors, we'll take your case from the very beginning. We know where all the potential traps are, so your application has a better chance of success when we take it from the beginning. We've been doing this for claimants for a very long time. We handle cases at all stages: initial, reconsideration, the hearing and unlike most of our competitors, we stand by our clients if they've been denied.

Please remember, you're essentially experiencing an enforced retirement when you can't work because you've become disabled. However, we can help you keep it from being a personal disaster. Please fill out our free evaluation form, so we can get started as soon as possible.

Who Is Eligible?

If you've worked most of your life and have paid your FICA tax, generally you're going to be eligible for Social Security Disability.

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Office Locations

We handle Social Security Disability cases for clients all over America.

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The Binder Staff

Any time you are talking to any of our people, they really are our people ... trained by us and working under our personal supervision. We hold all of our people personally responsible for upholding our unique standards of excellence. Many of our competitors hire someone to represent you the day before the hearing! They know nothing about you and frankly not much about your case. Our people handle your case. Our people have been representing claimants for decades and many have handled thousands of hearings.

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