Applying for Social Security Disability Benefits with No Health Insurance

When filing for Social Security Disability (SSD), one of the largest factors that your claim depends on is your medical records; in general, if you have no record that you've been taking medications or been to a doctor in the past year, your benefits will likely be denied. But if you have no health insurance how can you prove your condition? Read on to learn about applying for Social Security Disability without health insurance.

While every SSD claim is different, most claimants encounter a lot of the same problems while waiting for their Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income claim to be approved. This is one of the most frustrating aspects of the Social Security Disability system . Because it takes so long to be approved for benefits, most claimants have long ago depleted their resources.

Two of the most common problems are often a result of being unable to work: a lack of money to pay bills and living expenses and no health insurance. Without health insurance, a claimant not only cannot receive the treatment or medication they need for their condition, but they can't properly document their recent medical history either. Additionally, if a client has been prescribed medication, but don't have the money to cover it out of pocket, it will negatively affect their claim as well.

While there are no easy solutions for either dilemma, there are some things you can do to obtain treatment without health insurance. Oftentimes doctors will continue to see you as a patient if they know you have filed for Medicaid benefits. Other options for obtaining treatment without health insurance include seeking care at free clinics within your community, or at last resort going to the emergency room at your local hospital.

When it comes to your medication, things can be even more difficult. Without health insurance most medicines are unaffordable. The fact that you cannot afford your medicine may, be deemed irrelevant on your SSD claim. The only thing those reviewing your case will see is that you did not take prescribed medication.

Unfortunately, unless you suddenly find a money tree growing in your backyard, there aren't many options for getting your medications without health insurance. Many doctors will have samples of brand name medications on hand at their office, so you can ask them for as many samples as possible while at your appointment. This is only a temporary fix, however.

Some online websites offer medications at lower prices, You can also keep a written journal of all your efforts to obtain medical care and medications. Keep track of your activities, pain levels, and/or diminishments in condition as well. If you hire a Social Security Disability advocate to file your claim, they may be able to make use of this journal in your favor.

Above all, hiring an SSD advocate is your best bet for winning your SSD claim - especially if you have no health insurance or access to medications. You do not have to pay your advocate until you win your case, which is especially beneficial if you are experiencing financial problems, and more people win their cases with an SSD advocate than without. Don't miss out on your SSD benefits, hire an advocate to represent your claim today.

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