Social Security Disability Benefits and Mental Health Disorders

Cognitive, Psychological and Psychiatric Mental Health Issues and SSD

At Binder & Binder®, we represent people who suffer from mental health issues that affect them so seriously that they cannot work. We know that our clients would rather be working, and we understand the struggles they face. Our goal is to get them much needed Social Security Disability benefits so they can make ends meet.

We represent people suffering from many different mental health issues, including the ones listed below:

If you cannot work because of mental health issues and would like to apply for Social Security Disability benefits, you should know that disability claims are approved or denied by the SSA based on your medical records. Because of this, it is important to keep seeing your physician or psychiatrist for regular treatment. At Binder & Binder®, we know the criteria that the Social Security Administration evaluates. Our advocates can help you gather records of regular treatment and organize them in a way that is likely to help you win Social Security Disability benefits.

Contact The Social Security Disability Advocates

Many people in your situation contact a lawyer or specialized advocate for help with an SSD claim for a mental health disability. We believe that the best way to learn about SSD, SSI and mental health is to talk with us at Binder & Binder®. Call us at 1-800-66-BINDER or complete our online contact form. Even experienced attorneys may not have the knowledge and resources that we can provide. We have locations nationwide and serve clients all over America from Alaska to New York — no matter where you live.

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