Kidney Failure Disability

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Kidney Failure Social Security Disability Benefits

Also referred to as renal failure, kidney failure is the inability of the kidneys to properly filter chemicals and toxins from the blood, leading to increased levels of these chemicals and toxins circulating through the body. Although called kidney failure, this disease affects every system in the body. Symptoms can vary greatly from person to person, but in most cases include muscle cramping or soreness, fatigue, upset stomach, and swelling in the feet and other extremities.

Kidney failure is a life-changing diagnosis because unfortunately, treatment options for kidney failure are somewhat limited. When you have been diagnosed with kidney failure, a lot of your time and energy becomes devoted to dialysis. For most people it quickly becomes impossible to work while combating this incapacitating disability. Kidney failure patients that require a kidney transplant or dialysis can file for kidney failure disability benefits, and the Social Security Disability advocates from Binder & Binder® can help.

Medical record documentation of doctors’ appointments, medications and treatment, and treating doctors’ opinions are all essential to prove your Social Security Disability eligibility. A Social Security Disability Advocate from Binder & Binder® can advise you on any further documentation you may need to improve your chances of winning your kidney failure disability benefits claim. With locations nationwide, we help thousands of clients suffering from kidney failure and other serious medical problems to file for kidney failure disability insurance and benefits.

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