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August 2010 Archives

Your Social Security Disability claim

We will take a Social Security Disability case at any time, but we prefer to take it from the very beginning (initial application).  We like to prepare all the groundwork of a case properly and professionally.  The more time you give us to work on your case, the better chance you have of winning.  However, we can process your case even if you have already had an application denied.  Years of experience have shown that we can frequently get the government to change an unfavorable decision and award a deserving client the appropriate benefits.

Getting Social Security Disability benefits - continued

To obtain your Social Security Disability benefits, you must have a doctor state that you are unable to work a normal, competitive, 5-day a week, 8-hour a day job.  And his/her opinion must be supported by 'medically acceptable clinical and laboratory findings'.  Unfortunately, many genuinely disabling conditions are difficult to diagnose by objective testing.

Getting Social Security Disability Benefits

According to the Social Security disability law, a 'disability' can be physical, emotional, mental, or some combination of these conditions.  In order to win benefits, you must have a disability severe enough to keep you from working in any regular paying job for at least twelve consecutive months.

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