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Getting Social Security Disability benefits - continued

To obtain your Social Security Disability benefits, you must have a doctor state that you are unable to work a normal, competitive, 5-day a week, 8-hour a day job.  And his/her opinion must be supported by 'medically acceptable clinical and laboratory findings'.  Unfortunately, many genuinely disabling conditions are difficult to diagnose by objective testing.


I already receive disability benefits but I wasn't aware that Social Security would help with my son and daughter as well as my ex-wife possibly receiving some benefits. Since being unable to work I can not afford the Child Support Payments and still maintain a somewhat comfortable life. How do I apply for these benefits?

When you become entitled to Social Security Disability benefits, your spouse and children may also be eligible for benefits on your earnings record. Their benefits are in addition to yours and are figured as a percentage of your Primary Insurance Amount (PIA). The amount of benefits that children can receive cannot exceed 50% of what you, the wage earner, receives.

I suggest that you contact the Social Security Administration to see if your spouse and children are eligible for these benefits.

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