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We will take a Social Security Disability case at any time, but we prefer to take it from the very beginning (initial application).  We like to prepare all the groundwork of a case properly and professionally.  The more time you give us to work on your case, the better chance you have of winning.  However, we can process your case even if you have already had an application denied.  Years of experience have shown that we can frequently get the government to change an unfavorable decision and award a deserving client the appropriate benefits.


I contacted you prior to application for SSD, and was told by your company that reviewed my information that I would have to wait until I was denied and that you do not take SSD cases until that time of denial. Now I just received my denial as a service connected disabled Vet. with on going treatment by the SSA and sent you another contact for your help in this matter. Now I read that you prefer to take claims from the get go as to file it in accord to what is best. So now I`m wondering whats up??

I'm not sure who told you that we don't take cases until you receive a denial because that is not our policy. In fact, we would rather take the case from the very beginning just to make sure that everything is filed correctly. There is a difference however when applying for Veterans benefits. You must be denied first by the Disability Review Board before you can hire a representative. Please feel fee to contact us again regarding either benefit. You can complete our free, online questionnaire by clicking the link below and someone will call you back to discuss your case.

I was actually told the same thing today. I discussed my condition with the telephone "intake" person and she recommended that I apply first and discuss my condition further with my doctor to ensure that she will support my application. After that, she said I could contact Binder & Binder again.

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