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Do represented people do better than unrepresented people when fighting for Social Security Disability benefits?

The Social Security process is not easy, nor uncomplicated.  There are deadlines to meet and reports to be obtained.  You have to know what sort of information to get from your doctors.  At hearings there are often doctors and vocational experts who testify, and it's almost impossible for a person untrained in these areas to effectively cross-examine either.  So it always advantageous to hire a representative in your claim for Social Security Disability benefits.


I can not agree more that the process is hard, and confusing, especially, when you call a firm like yours, and give your personal information and ask for help, then never get a call back, or anything! You people sure know how to make the ones asking for your help feel important and like things might work out! Thanks ALOT!!!

Hello I live in Baldwin Park Caliufornia 91706. Is there a Medical Doctor whom you've (Bender & Bender) worked with before that you can recommend? I suffered as back injury that was supported by an MRI and suffer from Type 2 Diabetes and high blood pressure. I need a Doctor who is familiar with SSI before I begin a case with Bender & Bender. Thank you.

We are not in the practice of referring potential clients to specific doctors. Your treating doctor is most important when applying for Social Security Disability benefits. If you have a doctor who feels that you can't work due to your condition, you have a viable claim. Please complete our online questionaire and one of our representatives will be happy to discuss your case further

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