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Doing things "Better and Nicer" is more than a claim we make in our advertising.  Listening carefully to our clients has always been the key to our success.  We give client concerns top priority.  Every staff member, every executive, every advocate takes client calls here, including Harry and Charles Binder.


When we talk to clients, we make sure that their specific Social Security Disability concerns are given the attention they deserve.  We understand that many people who cannot work and who are waiting to receive Social Security Disability benefits have a very difficult time making ends meet.  We know that people feel physically, emotionally, and financially victimized by their illnesses, as well as by the Social Security Administration.


Don't ever give up on your Social Security Disability claim.  Contact us and one of our representatives will call you back to discuss your case.


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"Doing things "Better and Nicer" is more than a claim "
That statement is a fact! I recently spoke to my Lawyer as normal, I wish I could say her name but I'm unsure of the guidelines so I'll just say she made my day I was in tears when we finished talking just because she took the time to listen to my problem and try to help me figure out a solution to the issue, that had very little to do with my Disability Claim I suppose. I have been dealing with some horrible problems following a recent medical proceeder and I was unsure as of what to do and what direction do go because I was getting unclear answers in every direction I turned. When My Lawyer called me I was only going to update her with information about my claim, but instead we stated discussing the problem that was bothering me and that I assume has very little if any do with my disability claim. My points is this issue was very big to me, my life, my health and my family I didn't feel as if my lawyer was obligated to take her precious time to to discuss this problem in general, but she did with no hesitation , she took her time and listened to ever word, she talked with me with what seemed to be an hours, expressed her concerns and feelings about the subject and best of all she helped me find a possible answer and a possible way to fix the condition. I have allot going on in my life and to have my Lawyer take the time to help me like this, even in the form of talking means more then words can say. This had me in tears it's the small things that that count!

Thanks from the bottom of my heat!
Binder and Binder and staff!

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