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December 2010 Archives

Social Security Disability and rules for the blind

If you are legally blind, there are special rules that apply in terms of your eligibility for Social Security Disability benefits, as well as work-related expenses. The earnings test is different if you are 'legally blind'. The rules for the blind are very complicated, however you can be severely visually impaired without being legally blind.

Citizenship and Social Security Disability

Disabled American citizens are always eligible for Social Security disability if they meet the earnings requirements and can't work. It doesn't matter where they live, even if they don't live in the United States. In fact, you can even file for Social Security Disability benefits overseas.

Veterans benefits and Social Security Disability

There are two types of veteran's disability benefits. One is service connected - the disability is in some way related to something that happened in the service. The other is non-service connected disability. Service-connected disabilities have various percentages ranging from zero to 100 percent, while non-service disability is similar to Social Security in that either you are disabled or you are not. Service disability has no 'offset' provisions. You can receive the full amount of your Social Security Disability and your service-connected disability. Non-service connected is similar to SSI - it is a financial need test. The more assets you have, the less money you can receive. If you have a 100 percent service-connected disability, you will find that you are not financially eligible for SSI. On the other hand, if you met the earnings record, you could receive both 100 percent disability and also be found disabled by Social Security.

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