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Is There a Time Limit on How Long You Can Receive Social Security Benefits?

Those receiving, and those applying to receive, Social Security Disability benefits might wonder if there is a time limit to the length of time they are eligible to receive benefits. The easiest way to look at the question and subsequently answer it is to begin by saying that there are not two cases that are exactly the same, so-the same outcome is not necessarily standard across the board. When it comes to continued payments, however, if your medical condition does not improve, your disability payments do not stop, regardless of the type of impairment.

The Social Security Administration reviews cases at intervals to assure that the individuals receiving disability are still disabled. If an individual's disability improves, and they are able to return to substantial gainful employment, there would no longer be a need for disability payments. Additionally, those who are still receiving disability payments when they reach full retirement age will have their benefits converted automatically from disability benefits to retirement benefits.

All of that being said, there might be some confusion as to why the Social Security Administration reviews cases to guarantee that those receiving disability benefits are, indeed, still disabled. As mentioned above, disability claims may be similar, but never identical. As a result, how often a case is reviewed depends on the severity of the case. An individual's Notice of Award (which is normally received after the Notice of Decision has been sent), not only offers an explanation of one's benefits and payments, it also indicates when an individual would be able to expect a first review. The less likely your disability was expected to improve, the longer an individual would wait for a review, perhaps five to seven years or longer. Conversely, if one's disability was expected to improve or noted possible improvement, a first review could land anywhere between six three years after the decision has been made.

If you have any specific questions about the process, we'd be happy to answer them for you; just let us know!


After having treatent for Squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck my health has progressivly went down hill, Treatment consisted of aprox. 47 radiation sessions and aprox. 42 treatments of chemotherapy from two sources of chemo. I now have muscle spasms in my neck , Raynaulds symptoms in my hands , Nerve damage affecting my legs, and damage to my spine resulting in fractures and dislocations . I am also on a medication for Thyroid disorder. I need to know if the possibility of receiving disability is likely due to my overall health changes. My work has been in construction all of my life and the work load has become to hard for me. If there is a possibility of receiving disability, where and how do I start the process ?

If you're disabled and you can't work anymore, call Binder & Binder® at 1-800-66-BINDER or contact us online at for a free initial consultation. Don't ever give up! Someone will be available to help you determine your possibility of receiving benefits.

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