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Charles Binder....and The Hat.

We've heard it before. More times than we care to count. We've heard the good, and the bad-but we're standing our ground. Or rather, the hat is here to stay.

We all have our own personal sense of style-a perfectly fitting shirt, a lucky pair of jeans, trusty shoes that never break down, or... a hat. Charles Binder is certainly no different than the rest of us when it comes to that concept. Granted, you may not be the biggest fan of his hat; you might think it looks silly and unprofessional. We hear your thoughts and concerns, but we respectfully disagree.

Charles' hat isn't a gimmick. It most certainly isn't a ploy to make you like or dislike our commercials. The bottom line is this: It's Charles. It always has been and it always will be. The fact is, to be honest, Charles and Harry have both been collecting cowboy hats since college. And, regardless of the weather, Charles almost always has his hat on-especially outdoors. The season influences which hat Charles will wear, but it doesn't change the fact that the hat is here to stay.

Charles was wearing his hat in the original commercial because it was a chilly day when then commercial was being filmed. And, on chilly days, Charles wears his hat. Plain and simple. The hat was not written into the commercial, it's a mere factor of who the men behind Binder and Binder are. We couldn't begin to ask them to change, nor would we want them to. Telling Charles he couldn't wear his hat would be equivalent to telling him he could not be himself-and the last thing we, or you, would want is someone misrepresenting themselves for the sake of not looking silly to a select few non-hat adoring individuals.

Some people may say they don't want to be represented by a guy who wears a hat. We think it's what's under the hat that counts. It leaves people with a choice: Hire the guy whose hat you think is odd, but gives you the best chance of winning your case, or go with a guy who doesn't have Charles' track record, but doesn't wear a hat in real life, or in commercials.


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