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July 2011 Archives

Governmental Budget Woes...Again?

It wasn't too long ago...April, to be exact, that we discussed the issue of a possible government shutdown. We were all lucky to have escaped the potential of having to adjust to said shutdown. At Binder & Binder®, it's business as usual, and we're going to continue working hard for our clients regardless of what happens. But, we want to take a second and let you, our clients and readers, know what this means for the Social Security Administration (SSA).

Two Questions.

I get two questions from clients all the time.  Not surprisingly the first one is about the hat.  But the second one is whether I get recognized all the time.  I do.   It is very flattering that people come up to me and say they like the commercials or quite frequently that we represented someone that they know who was happy with our efforts.  Other times people come up and start asking questions about taxes  or whether the trust fund is running out which is less pleasant.  Not long ago I got recognized at Logan airport in Boston by the spouse of  client who raced over to thank me for winning his wife's case.  That is always the best.  Second best is crossing the street in NYC and having a firefighter in a engine company or ladder company blew his horn at me and wave.  Occasionally police officers in NYC in the local precinct will pull over just to say hello.I am almost always recognized by TSA people when getting through security.  The agent will have my photo id in his hands and looks at me; you see a very short double take. Often the TSA people in friendly airports (Tampa is the friendliest airport I know) will come up to me and start chatting.  I'm also recognized on trains particularly the commuter train to our office in Hauppauge.  Fellow passengers will say hello on the platforms which is extremely flattering.  Everyone likes "the hat" though few realize there have been quite a few versions of "the hat" in the commercials.  Right now I'm wearing a Panama hat given to me recently by a friend but no one seems to know that it is a brand new hat that has never appeared on TV.Harry incidentally is also recognized since he also wears a cowboy hat though his are much larger, more LBJ style than mine.  Like me, he is always recognized at airports by security or at baggage claim.  In fact recently picking up my bag at JFK, someone came up to me to tell me my brother had been there in the morning.  That's being recognized.

Disabled Retired Professional Athletes: What Is Next For Them?

When you think about an individual applying for Social Security Disability, what kind of person do you picture? Perhaps you picture someone much like yourself-a hardworking person, spending countless hours at the office to provide for their family, when an unfortunate injury or impairment prevents them from doing so. Perhaps you picture an electrician, a secretary, a school bus driver, or a carpenter. But...have you ever pictured a professional athlete? After all, they are working individuals who can suffer from disabilities too. Specifically, what happens to NFL players who become disabled and are forced into retirement?

In the News...Over 30 Years Ago.

We watch the news. We read the newspapers. And we scour Internet news sites. We've said it before, and we'll say it again: we want to keep you informed. If we find something important, our goal is to make sure you know about it one way or another. While we know you could essentially come across the same information on your own, we want you to know we're looking out for you too.

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