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Governmental Budget Woes...Again?

It wasn't too long ago...April, to be exact, that we discussed the issue of a possible government shutdown. We were all lucky to have escaped the potential of having to adjust to said shutdown. At Binder & Binder®, it's business as usual, and we're going to continue working hard for our clients regardless of what happens. But, we want to take a second and let you, our clients and readers, know what this means for the Social Security Administration (SSA).

While we may not be facing another possible government shutdown, we may be facing other difficulties-and, it may come as no surprise that these difficulties are also related to the government's budget. The story, however, is a little different this time. The threat this time is not a government shut down, but rather the threat of the national budget hitting its ceiling.

Concerns over the national budget are certainly not "new" news; it's been a topic of contention for many years now. But, as the budget makes its way back into the headlines, it brings concerns for those receiving Social Security Disability along with it. In fact, if lawmakers are unable to come to a decision regarding the debt by August 2nd, Social Security, Disability, and Veterans checks might not be sent out. President Obama has warned that there simply may not be enough money to continue the payments.

While the implications of a non-existent governmental budget are fear-inducing, especially for those who depended up the government and SSA for their benefits, we would like to reassure our clients that we will continue to operate as normal. We've been faced with possible difficulties of this magnitude before, and have always pulled through. We'll do our best to keep you informed throughout this process.

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