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Improving Your Odds of Receiving Social Security Disability Benefits

We released a new article titled "Improving Your Odds of Receiving Social Security Disability Benefits." The article explains why the wait for Social Security Disability (SSD) can be so long, and what applicants can do to speed up the process.

"We understand that many people who cannot work and who are waiting to receive Social Security Disability benefits have a very difficult time making ends meet," said Mario Davila, Managing Director of Binder & Binder®. "We know that people feel physically, emotionally and financially victimized by their illnesses, as well as by the Social Security Administration (SSA). With this article we want to send a clear message to our clients: Don't ever give up on your Social Security Disability claim."

Hiring a Social Security Disability advocate to help file an SSD claim from the very beginning can significantly improve chances of receiving an approval for SSD benefits, but most applicants will still have to wait at least three to four months just for their claim to be initially processed by the SSA. During this time, it's important for applicants to keep their medical records up-to-date, and return any forms the SSA sends as soon as possible.

"Because of the financial hardships most people encounter while waiting for SSD, many have to move around during the process," said Davila. "So it's important to always update the SSA with your current address as well."

By doing things "Better and Nicer," the Social Security Disability advocates at Binder & Binder® give client concerns top priority, and make sure they are given the attention they deserve.

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