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Your Past and its Affect on Your Social Security Disability Claim

Social Security Disability claims are confusing in their own right. When you start to factor in all of the additional aspects that play a role in the decision making process, it has the tendency to become even more confusing. Like we discussed in yesterday's blog, something as simple as your work history and the exertional level of a job can have an affect on the decision of a Social Security Disability claim. But, that is just one of many factors that may come into play.


The majority of individuals that apply for Social Security Disability are unemployed. More often than not, their unemployment is, more or less, forced as a result of their inability to continue their previous work as a result of their disability. Unfortunately for some, even without a disability, obtaining employment is difficult due to issues from their past. For instance, some individuals with criminal records may have a more difficult time securing employment than others. While this criminal record may have an affect on obtaining employment, it does not necessarily have an impact on a favorable Social Security Disability claim outcome.


With regards to issues of hire-ability, the Social Security Administration does not consider whether or not a company would hire an individual. What they do consider, however, is an individual's ability to work.  This applies not only to individuals with criminal records that have difficulty finding employment, but it also applies to all individuals that have difficulty finding employment due to the constraints of the recent economic state. 

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