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You've Won Your Claim--What Now?

When a client receives their Notice of Decision indicating they've been awarded a Fully Favorable decision on their Social Security Disability claim, the most common question that gets asked is: "What's next?" or "When will my payments begin?" At this point, we let our clients know that they should be expecting one more key piece of information for the Social Security Administration, and that's their Notice of Award.

The Notice of Award is packed with valuable information, and-much like everything else related to a Social Security Disability claim-doesn't have a specific timeline for when it will arrive. Within the Notice of Award, an individual can often locate specific information such as the amount of money they will receive with regards to back payment (if applicable), the amount they can expect to receive with regard to monthly payments, and a rough estimate of when these payments should begin.

For some individuals, a trip to a local Social Security office is a must; often times the Social Security Administration needs additional information in order to process payments. If you're concerned that your benefits are taking too long to arrive, it's always a safe bet to give your local office a call or stop by for a visit.

We've had clients receive their Notice of Award before they've even received their Notice of Decision. And some have even woken up to find a sizable deposit in their checking account without warning from the Social Security Administration! If you a client and have received your decision and have any questions or concerns about your award, please feel free to give us a call!

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