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Did I Say the Wrong Thing?

By Stacey Laskin, an Advocate from the Chicago Binder & Binder® office

If you say something in your hearing that is not supportive of disability, I'll probably let you know. But I'll also tell you what options we have now that the record reflects that you spend your afternoons deep sea diving or dirt bike racing.

Most likely, whatever you said was not "wrong." You testified about your story, and whatever your story is, it's not wrong as long as it's true.

But, if you lie to the judge, the judge will know. The judge has access to a great number of official and unofficial records about your life. If you tell one lie, whether it be about your weight, your medical conditions, your embarrassing past, or your entangled love affairs, the judge can use that slip to unravel your claim by finding that you are not a believable witness. It's not worth it.

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Binder & Binder did an awesome job for me i have tried twice and was denied and hired their law firm and won thank you to your great staff for their kindness they showed me during this hard time.dave miller.

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