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What Should I Do Now?

By Stacey Laskin, an Advocate from the Chicago Binder & Binder® office

It can be a bit anti-climatic, but often, the only thing to do after a hearing has ended is wait. If I need you to gather an opinion from your doctor or track down recent medical records, I will let you know what your homework assignment is.

Our office will usually call you after your hearing to find out if you've seen any new doctors or returned to ones we previously contacted.

Sometimes, the Social Security Administration will contact you after a hearing and before a decision is issued. You may be asked to verify information about your finances, confirm your contact information, or provide further information, such as a doctor's name or tax information. Sometimes, a judge will send you to an additional medical examination after a hearing. If this happens, it's important that you attend the examination. Failure to do so could result in denial of your claim, which would be a shame after making it so far in the daunting process.

The longer you wait, the more questions you may develop. I should be able to answer any questions you have while you are waiting for a decision. I'm always happy to check on the status of a decision for a client, confirm receipt of medical records, or just listen.

Just remember me when it comes time to buy that chocolate cake.

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