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March 2012 Archives

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Disability Difficult to Define?

Chronic fatigue and immune dysfunction syndrome (CFIDS) is something much more than simply being tired all the time or not getting enough sleep. Anyone among the roughly one million people with CFIDS (also known as chronic fatigue syndrome - CFS) in the United States will tell you that this syndrome can cause severe disability and prevent one from working.

SSI and the States

When it comes to SSI benefits, each state is different, even though payments are federal benefits provided by the Social Security Administration, a federal agency. Forty five states (including the District of Columbia) provide cash benefits that supplement the federal SSI payments; on ly Arkansas, Arizona, Mississippi, North Dakota, Tennessee and West Virginia do not supplement SSI.

Where You Live Matters, if You're Applying for SSD

What happens to your Social Security Disability (SSD) claim may depend on where you live. For example, Delaware applicants for SSD benefits who appear before an administrative law judge (ALJ) in Dover have a greater chance of having their claims denied than applicants in other states. The administrative law judges there have denied 57 percent of cases since last October, well above the national denial average of 41 percent.

Information About the Compassionate Allowances Program

We hear a lot about the long waits and the initial denials that Social Security Disability applicants experience. However, a few claimants do not suffer these delays. The Social Security Administration has a fast track program, called Compassionate Allowances, to identify and process SSD applications arising from very specific conditions and injuries.

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