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September 2012 Archives

Story of SSD denial mystifying but not unusual

Social Security is known to routinely deny a majority of initial claims for SSD disability benefits. Many denials appear to be the result of errors and omissions on applications. However, others often seem mystifying. The case of a Nevada woman is typical of many SSD denials.

Social Security: Actually several programs

It's has become fashionable in some political circles to attack Social Security. Criticisms range from, "We can't afford it," to "Recipients are committing fraud in order to receive undeserved benefits." What is the truth about this landmark benefit program that has helped millions of Americans who worked hard and paid into the Social Security system? Who actually receives the benefits?

Disability by the numbers

In July, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) marked its 22nd birthday. This groundbreaking legislation guaranteed equal opportunities for the disabled in public accommodation, employment, transportation and other areas of life. Some statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau are appropriate as we celebrate this anniversary.

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