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December 2012 Archives

Catching the errors

It's our job to help our clients win their Social Security Disability claims. We know what it takes to be successful, too, and our knowledge of the system has helped many disabled people receive their benefits. But, we don't just stop helping our clients when their Fully Favorable decisions come in. Some Fully Favorable decisions have critical errors and prevent our client from receiving their full benefits. As long as we've been in this business, we know that even a Fully Favorable decision doesn't mean our job is over, especially when our client's benefits are on the line.

Social Security Disability Compassionate Allowances Now At 200

The Social Security Administration (SSA) recently announced that it was adding 35 conditions to its Compassionate Allowances list. If you have a condition on the list, your application for Social Security Disability (SSD) may be approved more quickly because the SSA has already determined that these conditions meet the standards for disability. These conditions primarily include certain cancers, adult brain disorders, and a number of rare disorders that affect children.

Not so obvious impairments

A large portion of people applying for disability aren't able to work as a result of common disabilities, such as orthopedic impairments. Those impairments are not as hard to prove in a technical sense. X-rays and MRIs can provide proof of spine injuries, for example. However, some disabilities are very hard to prove. Even though we've been in this business for decades, we often have clients with disabilities that aren't well known, and can't been seen on an x-ray or a scan. For instance, a client came to us with a disability of Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome ("CVS"). This particular syndrome is results in severe nausea and vomiting that often lasts for days. It has no known cause or cure. Every few weeks, this client would suffer from episodes of constant vomiting, lasting for 2 to 3 days at a time. When he wasn't plagued by days of constant vomiting, he suffered from intermittent bouts of vomiting every week, often as many as 15 additional episodes of vomiting. As you can imagine, he wasn't able to continue working. He came to Binder & Binder® for help filing his disability claim.

Statistics tell the story of regional variations in SSD benefits

Some critics of the Social Security Administration (SSA) and its disability program (SSD) see regional differences as evidence of problems. They suggest that because there is a larger percentage of SSD recipients in some states than others, fraud, waste or other problems must be the cause. They are wrong.

Hard and work dedication.

Hard and work dedication. That's what it takes in this business to be successful. The Social Security Administration makes decisions on thousands of disability claims every year, many of which get denied. Some individuals choose not to go forward with their claims once they've been denied-undoubtedly, their reasons differ. After all, the disability process often seems endless, and it is, without question, difficult for most.

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