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Catching the errors

It's our job to help our clients win their Social Security Disability claims. We know what it takes to be successful, too, and our knowledge of the system has helped many disabled people receive their benefits. But, we don't just stop helping our clients when their Fully Favorable decisions come in. Some Fully Favorable decisions have critical errors and prevent our client from receiving their full benefits. As long as we've been in this business, we know that even a Fully Favorable decision doesn't mean our job is over, especially when our client's benefits are on the line.

One client, in particular, received a Fully Favorable decision. Her case, like many others that go through the disability system, had been denied and remanded a few times. Even though this client had received a favorable decision and her benefits, we knew the decision wasn't correct.

It may seem odd that we would think to contest a decision that is favorable, but the facts weren't right. When a claim is "remanded," it is sent back to the previous level in the system (you can read about the different levels in the disability system HERE). In this client's case, her claim was remanded from the Appeals Council level back to an Administrative Law Judge. The Appeals Council provides instructions in these situations-they tell the Administrative Law Judges to focus on certain issues that were missed or improperly addressed the first time around. You might say that the Appeals Council is in the business of pointing out errors made at other levels in the disability process. And while this client's claim was remanded and sent back with specific instructions, it turns out that they had made an error of their own. This error cost our client three years of back-benefits.

Part of when makes us America's Most Successful Social Security Disability Advocates® is our attention to detail. We review all of our client's decisions, including the favorable ones. We count on our own expertise to know when mistakes have been made, even when our clients have won their claims. Our knowledge, persistence, and attention to detail made the difference for this client. It took some time, but we were able to ensure that she received the three years of benefits that had been left out of her decision in error.

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