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January 2013 Archives

Social Security Disability for arthritis and other conditions

Each year, the Social Security Administration (SSA) provides exhaustive statistical detail about its programs. In 2011, the Annual Statistical Report on the Social Security Disability Insurance Program reported on the most common conditions for which benefits are paid to disabled workers, widows and widowers. By far the most frequent disabilities involved the musculo-skeletal system and connective tissue, with arthritis being one of the most common conditions. As of December, 2011, 2,488,374 persons or slightly more than one-quarter of all beneficiaries received Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits for musculo-skeletal disorders.

Bipolar disorder and Social Security Disability

The story of Jesse Jackson, Jr., a congressman from Illinois, has focused attention on the mental illness called bipolar disorder. Jackson was hospitalized at the Mayo Clinic for the condition, which results in mood swings that go from severe depression to extreme happiness (known as being manic).

Lost in Translation

Medical records are a must-have when it comes to a disability case. In order to win your claim, you have to provide evidence--and, for the Social Security Administration, that evidence comes in the form of your medical records and opinions from your doctors.

Wondering whether you're eligible for SSD survivor benefits?

Did you know that your spouse could receive Social Security Disability benefits if you die - based on your work record? But your spouse will have to jump through several hoops in order to obtain those benefits.

Disabled Queens, NY Residents May Be Reconsidered

In 2011, a class-action lawsuit was filed against a select number of Administrative Law Judges (ALJ) in Queens, New York. The allegations at hand? Bias. Thousands of disabled residents from Queens who were denied Social Security Disability benefits may have a chance to have their claims reheard, if the recent proposed settlement is accepted. The ALJs in Queens, on average, deny a lot of disability claims. In fact, their denial rates have been noted in the past to be the highest in the state of New York and among the highest in the country. While ALJs, as a whole, tend to have a greater ability to use their judgment during a hearing than other types of judges, it's safe to say that the ability to use their judgment doesn't give them full rein to use prejudice and be unfair.

Social Security Disability in the news, Part 2

In our previous post, we reviewed some of the statements made on cable news channels about the Social Security Disability program. Read on to learn why they are wrong and are presenting sometimes entirely made up stories that suit their position.

Social Security Disability in the news, Part 1

The recent drama over the so-called fiscal cliff shows how critics of federal programs such as Social Security Disability (SSD) try to demonize the beneficiaries of these programs. To listen to opponents of government benefits, one would think that SSD recipients are receiving large payments that allow them to live lavish lifestyles. The reality is quite different.

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