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March 2013 Archives

Social Security Disability And The Waiting Game

Applying for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits involves a lot of waiting. You need to wait to obtain to decision on your application, to actually start receiving disability benefits, and to file an appeal. Knowing how long you should expect to wait for answers during the SSD claims process can make things easier - not knowing is worse than waiting and knowing why. 

Supplemental Security Income And Social Security Disability: Differences And Similarities

Most of our blog posts are about Social Security Disability (SSD). However, there is another government disability program, called Supplemental Security Income (SSI), which is designed for people who have not worked much or who have never been able to work.

Early onset Alzheimer's and Social Security Disability

A diagnosis of Alzheimer's in a loved one is always devastating. However, when it occurs to someone who is under 65, the grief and shock are even greater. It can happen to someone who may be at the peak of his or her career and earning ability.

Q & A: How do Social Security Disability advocates get paid?

Many people wish they had someone to help them help them with their applications for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. They have heard scary stories about how long it takes, about how complicated the process seems, and about how arbitrary the Social Security Administration can be. However, they hesitate because they think they can't afford to hire anyone. After all, they are applying for benefits because they cannot work and have no job income. Lawyers or other advocates are expensive.

Queens SSD lawsuit shines spotlight on administrative law judges

If your claim for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits is denied, you still have a option in the form of a Social Security Disability appeal. In some states, you can have your file reviewed (reconsidered) by another Social Security Administration (SSA) employee - not the person who denied your original claim. If you live in a state without this option or if a second SSA employee also denied your claim, the next step is a hearing before an administrative law judge.

Social Security Disability and the Sequester: Good News and Bad

On March 1, the so-called "sequester" kicked in. This term refers to the $85 billion reduction in federal spending that was mandated to occur if Congress and the President were unable to agree on a budget. Not surprisingly, there was no budget agreement, so the cutting officially began.

Why are there more Social Security Disability recipients?

Some news commentators would have you believe that people receiving Social Security Disability benefits are lazy folks who simply don't want to work anymore. The naysayers point to the significant increase in the number of recipients as proof. Could they be right?

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