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National Public Radio Turns To Binder & Binder®


It turns out that even National Public Radio turns to Binder & Binder® when there are questions about Social Security Disability. A lengthy report on SSD titled "Unfit for Work," was recently aired on the NPR show This American Life. Reported by Planet Money's Chana Joffe-Walt, the story featured interviews with people who receive SSD benefits throughout the United States. Also interviewed were doctors, economists and judges. However, there was only one Social Security Disability advocate in the story - Charles Binder, who with his brother Harry founded Binder & Binder® more than 40 years ago.

In the story, Charles Binder is described as, "... [A] guy helping desperate people get the support they deserve. He is a cowboy-hatted Lone Ranger going to court to fight the good fight for the everyman." Binder said that the firm's growth from 50 clients in 1979 to more than 30,000 last year shows that disabled people need advocates.

He noted that when he started, most people were denied benefits and hardly anyone appealed. His firm changed that, as shown by the growing number of Social Security Disability appeals filed by clients of Binder & Binder® every year.

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