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April 2013 Archives

Social Security Disability and Continuing Disability Reviews

You have won your Social Security Disability (SSD) case. You are receiving your benefit checks. You are working to maintain your health as much as possible. Then, out of the blue, sometimes years later, a notice arrives from the Social Security Administration (SSA) telling you that they are reviewing your case. What's going on?

Aging Responsible for Social Security Disability Growth

There's a lot of anguished reporting about the skyrocketing number of people on Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits, and lots of hand-wringing about what to do about it. There are many theories about why there are so many people applying for and receiving SSD benefits. However, the best one is also one of the most simple: As a nation, we are getting older. That's it, in a nutshell.

Debunking Lies About Social Security Disability

The Social Security Disability (SSD) program provides benefits to people with the most severe disabilities that prevent them from working. According to the Census Bureau, around 57 million Americans have disabilities, but only around 14 million - about a quarter -- actually receive SSD benefits. The others do not qualify, or believe they do not qualify, or are still able to do some kind of work. The 14 million who remain have been determined by the Social Security Administration to be unable to work.

Why Sequestration Harms Seniors and Costs Taxpayers

The following article is a reprint. Direct permission for this reprint was given by Witold Skwierczynski and by the Alliance for Retired Americans on behalf of Barbara Easterling. The original article, which was posted on March 1, 2013, on the Huffington Post, can be found here.

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