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ALJs No Longer a Secret

Over a year ago, the Social Security Administration started a new practice: when informing individuals of an impending disability hearing, they were no longer disclosing the name of the Administrative Law Judge they were scheduled to appear in front of.

This practice was...unfortunate. Especially for our clients. We have spent decades representing clients in Social Security Disability claims, and were able to better aid them when we knew who they would appear in front of. Not all ALJs are the same, nor do they conduct their hearings in the same fashion, or request the same pre-hearing information. Each ALJ has their own preferences, and it was nearly impossible to comply with their rules when their identity wasn't disclosed until the hearing. As a result of this practice, our advocates were unable to prepare our clients appropriately for the ALJ they would be presenting their claim to.

That unfortunate misstep on behalf of the Social Security Administration is finally coming to an end. On April 20, 2013, the agency will resume disclosing the name of the ALJ assigned to a hearing when it sends out a Notice of Hearing.

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