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An Explanation of Social Security Disability Growth

Right now it's fashionable in Washington to attack Social Security Disability (SSD) and its recipients. The program is out of control and most recipients are freeloaders who are too lazy to work, according to these critics. Here's the problem with that interpretation of SSD: It doesn't look at the history and the facts. A little correction is in order.

It's the economy.

None of these critics mention the bad economy that continues to affect the prospects of those least likely to be able to find jobs - workers who are poorly educated, who are sick, and who are older. When you are physically disabled, you already have a limited choice of jobs. If you have only a high-school diploma, you probably don't qualify for many office jobs where your disability is less important. When you add being older into the mix, your chances of finding anything - even an unappealing job -- are slim to none. So workers with these three strikes against them have little choice but to take advantage of those benefits they paid for with each pay check during their working years.

When the economy is strong and employment high, a company may keep a good worker even if that worker can longer function at the same level as before because of a disability. However, when the economy sours and layoffs occur, weaker performers , including the disabled, are more likely to find themselves of a job and out of luck.

Right now, there are 3.5 workers available for every job opening. Older, disabled and poorly educated workers are far less likely than other unemployed workers to get rehired. Sometimes their only option is to apply for SSD.

This option is not a quick meal ticket and there are no guarantees. Nearly 60 percent of claims are denied, and of those 40 percent that are approved, at least a third of those have to go through an appeals process that can add months or even years to the time it takes to actually receive benefits.

If your claim for SSD benefits was denied - whether or not you are an older worker, do what so many others have done. Contact Binder & Binder®, America's most successful Social Security Disability advocates. We have handled hundreds of thousands of disability cases over the years. Find out how we can help with yours.

Source: Yahoo Finance, "The Attack on Social Security and Disability: Profiting From Mistakes," by Dean Baker, Apr. 4, 2013.

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