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June 2013 Archives

Protect Your Social Security Disability Benefits

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has replaced paper checks for Social Security Disability benefits with direct deposit into recipients' bank accounts. It is far less expensive for the SSA to transfer money electronically. It is also safer for people receiving monthly benefits, as thieves can no longer reach into mailboxes and steal checks.

Disabled Queens, NY Residents Likely To Be Reconsidered

Earlier this year, we discussed a class-action lawsuit that was filed against a select number of Administrative Law Judges (ALJ) in Queens, New York in 2011. The allegations at hand? Bias. The class-action lawsuit claimed that five ALJs allowed their prejudice and bias to interfere with their ability to make fair and just decisions-an estimated 4,000+ decisions.

Without Social Security Disability, What Would Life Be Like?

Those who attack Social Security Disability as an often -abused welfare program apparently haven't stopped to think about what life in the United States would be like without SSD. Here are some things that would be very different if SSD did not exist:

Social Security Disability and Old Age Pensions Are Fundamentally Sound, Say Trustees

Social Security has been getting lots of negative press recently. There's the backlog, which has generated a lot of media coverage, including posts in this blog. Then there's the issue of solvency. Lots of pundits have been claiming that the Social Security trust fund is almost empty and won't be able to pay workers' retirement or Social Security Disability. In both cases, the truth is much more nuanced and complicated.

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