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Without Social Security Disability, What Would Life Be Like?

Those who attack Social Security Disability as an often -abused welfare program apparently haven't stopped to think about what life in the United States would be like without SSD. Here are some things that would be very different if SSD did not exist:

1. Most communities would have a poor farm, a workhouse or some other place where indigent people could go. For people who could not work, that would be their only option. When was the last time you heard of someone having to go to the county farm? In most counties such a place no longer exits, thanks in large part to SSD.

2. You would see many more beggars on the streets. Go to almost any country without a social safety net such as SSD, and you will see people with life-changing disabilities asking for handouts because they have no way of earning a living or of finding a safe place to live.

3. Longevity in the United States would be even lower than it is - the U.S. already compares poorly to other industrialized countries, and it would be worse without SSD. If a disabled person is approved for SSD, he or she is also approved for Medicare (after two years have elapsed). Having accessible health care is key to living longer, whatever an individual's socio-economic status.

4. Welfare programs would be even more strained than they are already. SSD is an insurance program that recipients have paid for with each pay check. Without SSD, most disabled people who now receive benefits would be forced to seek public assistance - financial help that they did not pay for.

For now, Social Security Disability continues to provide disabled workers with modest benefits that allow them to live with a measure of dignity. However, these benefits are not easy to get, and many injured and sick workers turn toBinder & Binder® for assistance. Known as America's most successful SSD advocates, Binder & Binder® has helped hundreds of thousands of people obtain the SSD benefits they needed. Find out how they can help you, too.

Source: Portland Press Herald, "Maine Voices: Disability benefits don't allow recipients to lead lives of leisure," Jun. 3, 2013.

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