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October 2013 Archives

A Few More Words From Charles Binder

I am not naive. My first job after law school was as a public defender. I represented a few thousand people accused of crimes and most of them pled guilty quickly. Needless to say, jail house lawyers, inmates who had been through the system, would tell everyone to deny to their court appointed lawyer that they had done anything -- that the lawyer "needed" to believe them or he would sell them down the river. Utter nonsense. While I always appreciated a client who would tell me immediately, "I did it, get the best deal you can get for me," that was pretty unusual. You do not need to believe your client, or even like him, to represent them. Doctors want to like their patients but medical treatment is not based on how much you like a patient, but rather how sick he is.

Social Security Disability and Diabetes

November is American Diabetes Month in the United States.  The American Diabetes Association uses this month to conduct informational campaigns about the seriousness of the illness and its complications.  Diabetes is characterized by an inability to convert blood sugar into energy. 

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