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Georgia Social Security Disability Appeals Office is Closing

Given the publicity around the Social Security Disability (SSD), it's surprising when an office closes.  One would think that to address the highly publicized backlog of applications, the Social Security Administration would need as many offices as possible.  H0owever, the rented office in West Augusta had recurring maintenance problems that the landlord failed to address.

In addition to being the result of maintenance problems, the move is in line with recent directives from the federal government about using space more effectively.  Staff will be moved to the field office on Robert C. Daniel Jr. Parkway.  In-person hearings will return to a two-hearing room in downtown Augusta.

People came to the office to appear before an administrative law judge in pursuit of approval of their  claims.  One of the judges will be assigned to the downtown office and the others will go to other hearing rooms in the area.

Last year, the closing office had a backlog of 4,351 cases. It is now at 2,743.  Frank Viera,  Social Security deputy regional communications director in Atlanta, said that office will "schedule as many hearings as we can to deal with the needs of the community." 

The move is supposed to be completed by 2014. Advocates and attorneys familiar with the office do not expect the move to prolong the application process. 

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Source: Augusta Chronicle, "Social Security hearing office to close,"  Nov. 7, 2013.   

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