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July 2014 Archives

How Social Security Disability Benefits Are Awarded: A Primer

The Social Security Disability (SSD) program is operated by the Social Security Administration, better known for its retirement program that covers a majority of Americans. However, it also administers the disability insurance program that pays workers whose disabilities prevent them from doing their jobs.

You Can File a Social Security Disability Appeal if You Are Initially Turned Down

ssd ssi approved.jpgThe majority of applicants for Social Security Disability benefits (SSD) are turned down the first time they apply. In fact, only about 30 percent of claims are approved the first time. If you fall into the 70 percent of disabled people who are turned down the first time, don't make the mistake of reapplying. You will just get denied again. And don't give up. Rather, you should file an appeal to have your case reconsidered.

Efforts to Dismantle Social Security Disability, Part 2 of 2

In the previous post we described how opponents of Social Security Disability have attacked the system by conducting a disinformation campaign about the problems in the retirement and disability benefits system. In this post we discuss the results of Congressional budget cuts on the ability of the agency to fulfil its mandate to provide benefits to retired and disabled workers.

Colvin Receives Nomination and Opposition

In June, President Obama named Carolyn W. Colvin to lead the Social Security Administration. It came as no surprise, given that Colvin has been serving as the Acting Commissioner of Social Security since February 14, 2013, when she stepped in to replace former Commissioner Michael Astrue at the end of his term. Although many are eager to have a permanent leader in place at Social Security, opposition to Colvin's nomination has been voiced loud and clear-most surprisingly by Democrats, members of her own political party.

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