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SSA Resource Cuts: How It Affects You

The Social Security Administration has slowly cut back on the resources they offer the public; we blogged about it earlier this year (you can read that post HERE).  Perhaps on paper, the cuts don't seem that bad--for instance, if the SSA is closing their local field offices only 30 minutes earlier than they previously closed, how much of a difference can it actually make? 

A blogger recently voiced his opinion, highlighting just how big of a difference the resource cuts have made on an individual's experience at a local Social Security field office. Alan Weiss, the voice behind Alan's Blog, posted about his recent trip to his local office. In short, after speaking with a representative on the phone, he was told he needed to come to the office. Upon coming to the office and waiting in line, Mr. Weiss was told he couldn't be assisted that day for transaction he needed help with. He was told that the office was understaffed. Mr. Weiss was instructed to return at a later time and date.

Mr. Weiss went on to lament about the others in the waiting room: elderly couples, younger individuals, and the disabled--all taking time from their day to be at that office. If their fate was anything like Mr. Weiss', they too would likely be turned away, informed that they would have to come back at another time for help.

Closing an office 30 minutes early may not seem like a big deal. Being understaffed may not seem like a big deal. And cutting resources may not seem like a big deal. But it is. It's a very big deal. Individuals who rely on the services provided by the Social Security Administration simply aren't getting the help they need--especially not when they're told they need to be in an office, only to also be told they need to leave and return another day.

For individuals applying for Social Security Disability, the half an hour difference in office time, the lack of staffing, and the decline in resources is a big deal. Dealing with a disability is hard enough as it is; waiting in line only to be told to come back the next day shouldn't be a concern. Save yourself the hassle. Avoid the lines, the waiting, and the frustration. Let Binder & Binder deal with the government; you have enough to worry about. 

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