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November 2014 Statistics About Social Security Disability

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In December, this blog reviewed the monthly statistics released by the Social Security Administration for October 2014. This post updates last month's review and includes statistics from November 2014. An annual compilation for 2014 will be released toward the end of 2015.

No Real Change in Number of Recipients

In November, slightly more than 14 million people received either Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits or Supplemental Security Income benefits (SSI). This represents a tiny reduction over the number of recipients in October.

Of these recipients, almost nine million received SSD benefits, another four million received SSI benefits, and one-and-a half million received both types of aid. Again, there was no measureable change from the previous month. Close to two million recipients of SSD benefits (1.8 million) were children of disabled workers. Around 12 percent of SSI recipients also received state supplemental benefits in addition to their federal benefits.

No Measureable Change in Benefit Amounts

The average monthly SSI payment in November 2014 was $532.06, an insignificant increase over October, when the monthly payment averaged $531.75. The average monthly benefit in November for all SSD recipients was $1,000.41, an average that included spouses and children as well as the workers themselves.

The SSA Also Supports Disability Benefits Research

In addition to monthly and annual statistics, the Social Security Administration (SSA) partners with the National Bureau of Economic Research to publish papers about topics relevant to the SSD and SSI programs. The SSA also partners with the Center for Studying Disability Policy. The most recent publication of that organization was a study of the recent recession and how it affected the incomes of SSD beneficiaries. The previous study about SSD beneficiaries studied the characteristics of SSD recipients classified as poor according to federal standards.

This review of statistical and research information available from the SSA about its disability benefits programs is brought to you by Binder & Binder®, America's most successful Social Security Disability advocates.

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