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April 2015 Archives

Social Security Disability Benefits and Sarcoidosis

April is National Sarcoidosis Month. What is sarcoidosis? It is the name of an autoimmune disorder that causes clumps of abnormal tissue, known as granulomas, to form on the body. Although some people are not seriously affected by the illness, others whose lungs and heart are affected may have significant symptoms. In rare cases, such people even need organ transplants. About a million people around the world may have the condition.

What's Necessary to Win a Disability Claim? Evidence.

Clients and potential clients often ask what is needed to win their Social Security Disability claim. The answer is simple: evidence. Although disability proceedings are much different than the typical court cases depicted on television, they have remarkable similarities when it comes to the need for evidence--simply put, without evidence, it's going to be very hard to prove whatever it is you're claiming.

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