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Easier to Win a World Series Than Get Social Security Disability


A recent human interest story by an Atlanta TV station told the story of a major league baseball player, Brian Doyle. The 61-year-old second basemen, who led the Yankees to victory against the Dodgers in the 1978 World Series, developed leukemia in the 1990s. His family believes that the chemotherapy treatments he endured caused him to have bone problems and eventually develop Parkinson's disease.

The joint deterioration led to two neck fusion surgeries and his pain became so much worse that he applied for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits in 2013. He was turned down twice, although he cannot drive and has difficulty speaking.

It's not just getting turned down that is so discouraging to SSD claimants who can't work anymore: It's the waiting. In George, it takes up to nine months to even get an initial ruling on a claim. Then there's the average three-month wait to get a ruling on an appeal. If that is denied, then there's a wait of an average of 500 days for an administrative law judge to rule on the case.

Doyle is like the millions of Americans who must wait as much as two or three years for a decision. And since SSD applicants are applying because they cannot work, they generally exhaust all their resources before they receive a decision. In Brian Doyle's case, his wife brings in some money, and friends and family have rallied around to help the couple pay their mortgage.

However, the majority of applicants do not have options such as these, and a shocking number become homeless or are forced to go on minimal public assistance or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) while waiting for a decision. In some states, the amount received must be repaid if back SSD benefits are finally awarded.

Whether the second baseman eventually receives SSD benefits is still unknown. Hi wife says that if their story helps anyone else, they will feel better about their ordeal.

If you have experienced problems with your claim or appeal for SSD benefits, do what many others have done. Call Binder & Binder ®, America's most successful Social Security Disability advocates. Tell them your story and find out if they can help. The call is free, and there is no obligation.

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