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Why Get Help With SSD Benefit Claims?

It's natural to think that applying for Social Security Disability benefits should be easy. After all, you paid for those benefits with every paycheck you received while you were still able to work. It's your money.

Unfortunately, although this is indeed true, it does not mean that obtaining SSD benefits is straightforward and easy. And when you think about it, this should not be surprising. Consider how many people use tax preparers and accountants to submit their taxes to the IRS. They could do it themselves, but the chances are good they will make a mistake, causing headaches down the road.

Getting Benefits Is Not Like Filing Tax Forms

When you apply for SSD, there are even more challenges. At least when you fill out your 1040 or 1040 EZ, you know that the government wants your money. It feels different when you apply for disability benefits. The Social Security Administration makes it very difficult to get benefits because it is under a great deal of pressure to deny people who might not be eligible or whose applications are not absolutely complete or whose medical evidence does not quite fit the definitions in the SSA's Blue Book.

The Social Security Motto: Deny and Delay

The result: The majority of SSD applications are denied at the initial level. Only 24 percent of first-time claims were approved between 2003 and 2012, according to government statistics reported in a recent Washington Post story. And after going through all the levels of reconsiderations and hearings, only 59 percent of applicants receive benefits. These numbers alone are reason enough to get help with an SSD claim; the deck is clearly stacked against applicants.

Bottom Line With SSD Claims: It's Not Easy

There are other reasons that people who can no longer work because of illness or injury need help getting benefits. Determining eligibility, completing the forms correctly and gathering the required documentation are all time-consuming and represent a big step into the unknown for most people. After all, they have not done this before - they've been working! Having assistance from someone who knows exactly what to do, what information to provide and what documents to submit can significantly improve the chances of approval at the initial claim or appeal level.

Let's go back to the taxes analogy. Over the years, you've probably become familiar with some of the information that the IRS wants. You could learn how to do your own taxes with practice. And you get the chance to practice every year. In contrast, you only apply for SSD or SSI benefits once. There's no learning curve. You don't get better at it. It's a new process for almost every person who submits a benefits claim.

Get Help With Your SSD or SSI Claim. It Does Make a Difference.

All these factors add up to one thing: Having assistance with your application for SSD benefits or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits can make a huge difference. If you get it right the first time, you may be one of the lucky 24percent whose claim is approved at the initial application stage. If your claim is denied, having an advocate at the next level greatly improves your chances of success.

For Assistance, Call Binder & Binder®. Experience Counts.

At Binder & Binder®, we have been helping people with their applications for SSD and SSI benefits for decades and have assisted hundreds of thousands of deserving people who can no longer work. Our slogan, "America's most successful Social Security Disability advocates," says it all. We are successful because we work hard and know exactly what to do so that clients can start receiving the benefits they need and deserve.

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