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September 2015 Archives

SSD and the Five-Month Waiting Period

There is one aspect of applying for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits that we haven't discussed much in this blog. It's not the backlog, it's not the low claims approval rate, it's not the mistakes made by the regional offices that process claims. It is the standard five-month waiting period that affects everyone who receives benefits, including the dying, the severely disabled and the blind.

Article on SSD Calls Disability Benefits a Bedrock For the Disabled, Part 1

Center for American Progress published an important article about Social Security Disability (SSD) last June. We missed it then, but it provides such great information that we summarize it here and urge readers of this blog to read the entire piece. What follows is part one of the summary.

Social Security Disability Benefits a Lifeline, But Often a Short One

People who complain about Social Security Disability (SSD) seem to overlook one basic fact: Many people who receive this benefit are living in poverty or very close to it. The average benefit, according to an article in, is $1,165 per month, only $184 per month higher than the federal poverty level for individuals.

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