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October 2015 Archives

Differences Between SSD & VA Disability

People are often unaware that they may be eligible for both Social Security Disability (SSD) and veterans disability benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). If you are eligible for both benefits, you can receive them at the same time. The two programs are quite different, however, so meeting the eligibility requirements for both can be challenging.

No COLA for 2016

People receiving benefits from Social Security Disability (SSD), Supplemental Security Income (SSI), and Social Security retirement will not see a rise in their benefits this year. Since 1975, Cost of Living Adjustments (COLA) to SSD, SSI, veterans, and retirement benefits have been linked by law to the rate of inflation.

Article on SSD Calls Disability Benefits a Bedrock For the Disabled, Part 2

In a previous blog post, this blog summarized an important article on Social Security Disability (SSD) published by the Center for American Progress. Covered in that summary were eligibility requirements and the amount of benefits paid. This post continues the summary, focusing on beneficiaries and the impairments that necessitate applying for SSD benefits.

Myths About SSD Used to Hurt Disability Program

ssd claim.jpgAlthough Congressional opponents of so-called "entitlement" programs have made a lot of noise about the alleged failings of the Social Security Disability program, there has been pushback. It comes from people who actually know something about the disability insurance program that pays very modest benefits to almost 11 million workers.

About That SSD Crisis ...

ssd ssi approved.jpgA recent story in the Los Angeles Times reinforces what this blog has been saying for some time: The so-called "crisis" in the Social Security Disability (SSD) program has been largely manufactured by opponents of Social Security in general and the disability program in particular. The story is well-worth reading in its entirety, but you can read a summary here.

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