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The Ticket To Work Program

Many people who are receiving disability benefits are interested in working and earning more money. But many are unaware of the rules that apply and the options that are available.

Some of the common questions people have about earning money while receiving disability benefits are:

  • Can I get a side job?
  • Will extra income affect my eligibility for benefits?
  • Are there any programs available to help me prepare for working?

One program that is available to SSD recipients is the Ticket To Work program. It is a free and voluntary program that provides support to individuals who are interested in working and earning money. Individuals enrolled in the program receive support in the following:

  • Job training
  • Career counseling
  • Vocational rehabilitation
  • Job referrals

This is a great program for people who want to continue or start working in some capacity, while still remaining eligible for disability benefits. The program is sponsored by the Social Security Administration.

Ticket To Work allows individuals to start earning more money, support their families, gain independence, and often begin fulfilling careers.

Find out more about the Ticket To Work program.

If you are currently receiving SSD benefits or if you wish to apply, talk to a disability advocate from Binder & Binder®. We can advise you on additional programs that may be available as well.

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